Established in 2005, we are a premier logistics provider specializing in designer furniture transport. Serving the vibrant Chicagoland area and extending our expert services across the nation, we're dedicated to delivering your creative visions with exceptional precision and care.

Proxy Logistics delivery truck navigating through city streets.

The values that drive our company.

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To offer bespoke logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs especially of designers and furniture makers. We pride ourselves on meticulous handling, ensuring that each designer piece arrives in perfect condition, precisely as intended.

On-site furniture service by Proxy Logistics experts.
Professional on-site installation service by Proxy Logistics team.
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Proxy Logistics stands out with a comprehensive suite of specialized logistics services. We're more than a white glove delivery service; we're a team of logistics experts equipped with cutting-edge digital inventory management and climate-controlled transport solutions, dedicated to the art of furniture delivery.

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Understanding that designer furniture is more than just items to be moved – each piece is a statement of artistry and practicality. We ensure value-driven pricing, transparent communication, and customized services that adhere to the high expectations of our clientele.

In-house furniture handling by Proxy Logistics for safe delivery.

We pair professional expertise with steadfast respect for every customer.



Years of experience


Our team combines professional expertise with a deep respect for our clients, ensuring an exceptional service experience tailored to your needs.

Delivering design with distinction.

Embark on a seamless logistics journey tailored for the aesthetics of design with Proxy Logistics.