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Our services are tailored to ensure your pieces are delivered with the care and precision they deserve.


Local delivery service.


White glove delivery in Chicagoland
fast and secure

We offer elite white glove delivery, synonymous with care in Chicagoland and beyond. Trust in our punctual, careful, and exquisite handling for each piece's journey.

Proxy Logistics delivery truck navigating through city streets.

Nationwide delivery with Live Location Tracking.

We offer white glove delivery services across the nation.  Our focus is on reliability, timeliness, and safety. We understand that a designer needs to be able to depend on our service especially while on installs. Dedicated and shared truck loads are offered to insure customized solutions for every need.

Nashville, Tennesse
Miami, Florida
Aspen, Colorado
Canyon, Utah
New York, New York
and more
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A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
A Crypto Wallet From The Future - Blockchain X Webflow Template
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Proxy Logistics real-time delivery tracking in action for customer assurance.

On-site furniture handling.

Professional on-site installation service by Proxy Logistics team.

Specialized on-site services

Our specialized on-site services cater to furniture designers and makers, providing expert assistance with in-house furniture rearrangement, including staging, installations, and more, all with delicate care.

Designer-focused storage solutions.

Secure Proxy Logistics warehouse service in operation.

Secure storage & inspection invest

Benefit from our top-tier secure storage and inspection facilities, where your luxury items are treated with the highest standards of care, preserved until they grace your chosen space.

Professional photography books featuring Proxy Logistics' high-quality service.

High-end product photography

Showcase your collection with our professional photography service, capturing the elegance and detail of your designs in studio-quality images.

Advanced inventory management system utilized by Proxy Logistics.

Inventory management

Utilize our advanced inventory management system, ensuring detailed tracking and organization of your valuable inventory.

Delivering design with distinction.

Embark on a seamless logistics journey tailored for the aesthetics of design with Proxy Logistics. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about customization or have any comments for us.